PNY Technologies NVIDIA Quadro GP100  (VCQGP100-PB)

Product Details
PNY VCQGP100-PB Quadro GP100 Active Cooled PCIE Card for Professional Desktops Unmatched desktop compute capability to minimize simulation time Simulate and Visualize on the same GPU with ability to easily launch datacenter jobs High bandwidth interface for optimal solver performance Handle large data models with ease (both visual and compute) Scalable Iray performance with larger datasets Interactive visualization of complex, photo-realistic scenes Process more data in real time Increase the speed, accuracy, and scale of new and emergin applications Support Deep Learning on Windows
Product Accessories
Part Number VCQGP100-PB GPU Architecture Pascal CUDA FP 32 Cores 3584 CUDA FP 64 Cores 1792 Performance FP 16 Performance: ~20 TFLOPS FP 32 Performance: ~10 TFLOPS FP 64 Performance: ~5 TFLOPS Memory 16GB HBM2 Memory Bandwidth 720 GB/s GPU to GPU NVLINK (2-way) and PCIe Display Connectors 4x DP 1.4 + 1x DVI-D DL Board Specifications Dimensions: 4.4"H x 10.5"L Dual Slot Full Height Weight 815g Power 235W
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